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About Us

Visit the Awazen Medical Center to discover a healthier and happier you. The Awazen medical center is the perfect location for the entire family from dermatology to gynecology, family medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, dental, and surgery your whole family can get the best physical care in one location. We offer the widest range of medical procedures to help you keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Our comprehensive services are provided by dieticians, trainers, doctors, dentists, and surgeons who are experts in their field, bringing you the most up-to-date approaches for full-body health and beauty.

Many state-of-the-art technologies are exclusively available at Awazen Medical Center in Abu Dhabi, making the future of health and beauty available to you. Men and women alike fall in love with the Awazen Medical Center lifestyle, which offers modern solutions for a healthy lifestyle. Schedule a consultation and learn how Awazen Medical Center can help you discover your best self today.

Maintenance Programs

So you’ve visited Awazen in Abu Dhabi and loved your results – you’re looking great, feeling rejuvenated, and your confidence is through the roof. Now what? Book a customized maintenance program and you can keep the same great results throughout the year – with special discounts!

Whether you’re visiting Awazen for the clinic’s expert plastic surgery, taking advantage of advanced skincare technology to retain your youthful glow, or simply indulging in a weekend of wellbeing every so often for such much-needed rest and relaxation, our maintenance programs make it easy to take better care of yourself. Contact Awazen to book a maintenance program today and get special rates on all your services.

International Patients

Are you interested in spending a relaxing holiday in the UAE while enjoying the best of Awazen Medical Center services? Get the best of medical tourism in the UAE with a specially-designed treatment plan whether you’re visiting for 7, 10, or 15 days.

For those that are interested in Awazen medical procedures, the packages can be designed around weight loss surgery, hair transplants, dentistry, or cosmetic surgery in conjunction with many other services.       

Your first day will include a tour of our facilities and full-body testing by our Nutri-Clinic doctor, dentist, fitness coach, and hair and skin specialists, who will make any tweaks to your program or suggest new treatments that suit your needs. The following days can include any of the following:

•    Cosmetic surgery

•    Personal training

•    Nutritionist consultation

•    Psychological consultation

•    Hair treatments

•    Dental treatments

•    Body treatments

•    Body slimming

Your package can also include a catered breakfast each day, genetic testing, a photo album of your experience, and access to an exclusive social app for Awazen Medical Center on-going maintenance program.

If you’re thinking of visiting Abu Dhabi for medical tourism today, get in touch with Awazen Medical Center now to receive detailed itineraries and rates.