The Good Doctor

Enjoy reading our article of the month written by Dr Hany George Labib (Consultant Internal Medicine). It is an introduction he wrote for the book titled "Biochemistry - A Clinical Approach", authored by Dr Mona Sarkis Karas (Professor of Medical Biochemistry - Cairo University):

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The Breast Cancer Prevention Lifestyle

A healthy diet and exercise can reduce your chance for breast cancer by nearly 40%, so making a wise nutritional choice in one of the best defenses against breast cancer. in the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness month “ October” I would like to share some nutritional tips that prevents the happening of breast cancer to each one of us.

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Awazen Medical Center at Taweya Exhibition

First of all, it was an amazing experience meeting everyone at the ‘Taweya 2015’ Exhibition. Sharing what we know about health and wellbeing, receiving nothing in return but the appreciative smiles of the students and the knowledge that they might benefit from our advice given by the nutrition and genetic testing clinics team at Awazen Medical Center was one of the most fulfilling feelings ever. 

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Simple Steps for Healthy Teeth with Dr. Ziad Saqer

It's a well known fact that teeth are living tissue, containing pulp made up of blood vessels and nerves. In normal circumstances a mature adult has 32 permanent teeth, while a child has a maximum of 20 milk teeth. The part of the tooth above/ outside the gum is called the Crown, and is covered by a layer of enamel, the hardest substance in the body. The shade of enamel colour varies from one person to another, and is dependent on genetic factors, diet, etc.

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