Mr. Gregory Zoughbi, Board Member and Head of Membership and Sponsorship Committee at the Canadian Business Council (CBC) Abu Dhabi, visited Awazen Medical Center at the occasion of the center becoming a Gold sponsor of CBC through an agreement between CBC and Awazen, one of the most important subsidiaries of Ali & Sons Holding.

Mr. Shamis Bin Ali AlDhaheri, Group Managing Director at Ali & Sons Holding, received a plaque of appreciation from Mr. Gregory Zoughbifor Awazen Medical Centre’s dedication, in finding new ways to bring supreme services to a wide range of health conditions whilst raising awareness to all its patients about preventive screening and healthy Living.
Mr. Shamis Bin Ali AlDhaheri acknowledged: "We are delighted with the implementation of this sponsorship agreement with the Canadian Business Council, which will strengthen relations between Awazen and members of the Canadian Business Council, which include Canadian citizens resident in the UAE. We look forward to supporting them, especially newcomers while they adapt to our beloved land’s climate and culture".
In a brief speech, Mr. Gregory Zoughbi elaborated during the appreciation ceremony: "We are proud to have Awazen Medical Services as a Gold sponsor for the Canadian Business Council (CBC), which is a highly reputable and modern medical centre in the UAE healthcare sector. We anticipate that Awazen will provide our CBC members with diverse benefits like no other medical centre in the country”.

Awazen Medical Center has been approved by the various UAE insurance companies since the beginning of 2016. It provides new concepts of family primary care by availing its services for the whole family from preventive measures to curative procedures. Awazen offers modern approaches to a holistic and better healthy life, hence making you feel vibrant and lively, through the provision of diverse services using state-of-the-art technology exclusively available at Awazen in both Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Canadian Business Council (CBC) is a non-for-profit organization that represents businesspeople and companies in Canada and in the United Arab Emirates. CBC provides many business events and supports its members to create business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates through a wide network of relationships and contacts in the two countries. CBC membership includes businesspeople that work in the UAE companies and Canadian companies and represent them in the UAE. CBC members share common interests in creating excellent business relations and to strengthen trade relations between both countries.

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