At Awazen Medical Center we offer a bundle of elite medical services. From dermatology, gynecology, to family medical care, pediatrics, nutrition, dental, and surgery; Awazen Medical Center offers effective medical services. Take a closer look at all of our services below.

Blood Screening

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Family Medicine

Here at Awazen Medical Center, your family is very important to us. Our doc... Read More

family clinic


Your personal health is our top concern, Awazen Medical Center offers a ful... Read More

Gynecology Clinic


Helping your little ones get off to a healthy start is our first priority as parents, so why not provide the best health care possible for them? Our team of pediatric specialists is ready to put... Read More



If you’ve decided to undergo surgery, you can rest assured that Awazen Medical Center surgeons are the best in their fields. Our surgical team takes your health extremely seriously and is ... Read More

Surgery Clinic


The Dermatology clinic at Awazen Medical Center offers patients a full range of dermatologic, reconstructive, and aesthetic services. Our physicians and therapists are dedicated to continuously ... Read More

Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi


Maintaining good nutrition and fitness isn’t just important for losing weight; it also improves your quality of life dramatically. Our nutritionists have world-class education and skills t... Read More

Nutri clinic


Nothing can bolster self-confidence like a bright and healthy smile. Those who feel their teeth are less than ideal might feel anxious about crookedness, gaps, their breath, or other elements th... Read More

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