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Dental clinic

dental clinic

Dental Clinic

Nothing can bolster self-confidence like a bright and healthy smile. Those who feel their teeth are less than ideal might feel anxious about crookedness, gaps, their breath, or other elements that might make them feel shy about smiling around others or self-conscious in up-close-and-personal situations.

Luckily, Awazen Medical Center Dental Department in Abu Dhabi offers an experienced team of dentists and cosmetic dentists to perfect your teeth so you can beam from ear to ear.

Maintaining healthy teeth is just as important as your heart, brain, and all other parts of the body. A healthy smile will make you feel more beautiful, but more importantly, caring for your oral health is also directly linked to your overall health. Oral health issues are linked to diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy risks, osteoporosis, and other health problems.

Awazen Medical Center Team of Dentists can help you by addressing many common tooth problems. First, your general dentist can fix any existing issues with your teeth, such as creating fillings, performing a root canal, or scaling and cleaning the teeth. For those that have experienced breakage or a significant amount of damage, Awazen Medical Center specialists can create crowns and bridges that can restore the normal function of your teeth.

Finally, Smile Cosmetic Professionals can give you the Hollywood Smile you’ve always wanted by whitening your teeth or creating perfect veneers for that celebrity look. The Hollywood Smile involves the application of dental veneers, which are sturdy but thin caps that cover your teeth to create a more even and brighter appearance that is similar to the smiles you see on celebrities at red carpet events. If you have a specific flaw, like a gap between your two front teeth, or would simply like to subtly even out the length and straightness of your teeth, the Hollywood Smile can give you perfect results. Our teeth whitening clinic can help you restore a vibrant and younger-looking smile. The clinic’s specialists can create veneers and even dentures that look and feel natural and comfortable for long-term use.


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