dandruff and sensitive scalp treatments

Dandruff and sensitive scalp treatments

Dandruff and sensitive scalp treatments

Dandruff and Sensitive Scalp Treatments

Having issues with dandruff and scalp sensitivity? The experienced Dermatologists at Awazen Medical Center provide topical treatments that can help relieve these issues.

Our team of Dermatologists will come up with the best plan for your treatment, if you’re suffering from either dandruff, scalp sensitivity, or both. If you have been struggling with both dandruff and scalp sensitivity take a closer look at the scalp treatments we offer at our Hair clinic.

The cause of dandruff could come from a range of situational effects, from dry scalp to Seborrheic dermatitis. But it is a common scalp condition that can be treated with a series of topical hair treatments. Begin your treatments with us today,in conjunction with the application of effective anti-dandruff shampoo, our team will provide topical treatments incorporating dermocorticoids and other effective treatments that vary based on the specific type of dandruff.

Scalp sensitivity can get irritating, if you are suffering from the same, visit us to receive a range of impressive topical treatments. From head massages to specific sensitive scalp remedies, find everything you need to get a handle on your sensitive scalp at Awazen Medical Center.

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