skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi

Skin Care

Skin clinic in Abu Dhabi

Skin Care

Put your best face forward with beautiful, healthy skin. Awazen Medical Center offers the widest selection of options for those who want to improve the youthful radiance of their face and body through a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

If you struggle with skin that has lost its elasticity and vibrancy, Awazen Medical Center’s experienced dermatologists offer specialized facials and chemical peels that are selected just for you and your skin’s needs. From whitening facials that will reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation to collagen induction therapy, which spurs on the growth of new collagen for a firmer skin texture, Awazen Medical Center has got you covered.

You can turn back the clock on wrinkles and sagging skin with dermal fillers, a popular way to make lips and cheeks look fuller and necks look long and youthful. Botox helps reduce the appearance of aging by preventing the muscle contractions around wrinkles for a smoother look, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Contact Awazen Medical Center today to find out how to experience your skin at its most beautiful.