New Born Care

New Born Care

NewBorn Care in  abu dhabi and dubai

NewBorn Care

Bring in the new addition to your family to receive new born care at Awazen Medical Center. Our team of pediatricians has the training to bring great care to your new born child.

From newborn screenings, to check ups, taking care of colic, jaundice, or umbilical hernia, get all of the help you need at our Pediatric Department. Newborn babies need that special attention to ensure they are getting everything they need to continue to grow healthily. In bringing your newborn to Awazen Medical Center, you gain a team of pediatricians who care about the development of your newborn as much as you do.

We provide newborn screenings that assist in early detection, allowing us either to diagnose or intervene if anything abnormal is discovered. Newborn screenings are important for preventing long-term health issues or disabilities. Get your screenings with us to stay on top of your child’s health.

Give your newborn the best child care experience by visiting Awazen Medical Center. With access to experienced and properly trained pediatricians, you can get all of your needed newborn services in one place. Schedule all of your necessary newborn appointments with Awazen Medical Center.

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