Exploratory Laparotomy

Exploratory Laparotomy

Exploratory Laparotomy clinic in Abu Dhabi

Exploratory Laparotomy

Have your exploratory laparotomy procedure with Awazen Medical Center, for abdominal emergencies we are prepared to provide the best services.

We provide this service as another way for our clients to be reassured about their health. This procedure is usually performed when all other test is inconclusive and there are no other ways to diagnose abdominal pain.

A surgery that is done to open the abdomen is called a laparotomy. An exploratory laparotomy is a procedure done under general anesthesia. This way the surgeon can cut into the abdomen to take a closer look at the abdominal organs.

Used to detect cancer, infections in the abdominal abscess, or pelvic abscess, pregnancy outside of the uterus, scar tissue in the abdomen, and more.

 An exploratory laparotomy can give greater details that could not be derived from previous scans or x-rays.

When the surgery is complete, you will stay under our care for a short time to ensure post-surgery treatment and that infections do not occur.We are here to walk you through the results of your procedure and provide you with treatment into the future.

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