Annual Physicals

pediatric annual Physical

Annual Physical

Bring your children in to Awazen Medical Center Pediatric Department for an annual physical check up from sports physicals to routine preventative medical care physicals.

Our pediatricians are experts in child development and child assessment, healthy growth patterns, and healthy diets are important aspects of child development, therefore annual visits with experienced pediatricians can assist in ensuring positive growth for your child.

An annual physical is very important to stay updated on the health of your children. During an annual physical we can check for scoliosis, the development of a heart murmur or rhythm change, carefully examine the lymph nodes, and much more. These examinations allow us to catch illness in the early stages if there are any. In the unlikely case that there are abnormalities we can develop a treatment plan to help in bringing your child back to good health.

Growing a relationship with your pediatrician will help your kids to feel more comfortable each year as they come in to get an up-to-date physical. Get to know our pediatricians today by scheduling your first annual physical appointment.

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