Infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Bring your little ones into Awazen Medical Center today to get a closer look at any suspected or diagnosed infectious diseases. Our experienced team of doctors will diagnose infectious diseases and provide efficient and specialized treatments for your child.

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. Most of these organisms already live inside of our body and in most cases are harmless and sometimes helpful, but under certain conditions these organisms can also cause disease.

Some infectious diseases can be passed along by bites from insects or animals, while some can be passed from person to person. Other infectious diseases can be acquired by consuming contaminated food or water or by being exposed to organisms in your environment.

Some test that are run to diagnose a range of infectious diseases are blood test, urine test, throat swabs, stool samples, and a spinal tap, as well as imaging scans, and biopsies. Treatments and medications will vary depending on the type and severity of your child’s disease but may include anti-biotic, antivirals, antifungals, anti-parasitic, and more.

Infectious diseases can be difficult for children, especially when it may be difficult for them to discuss what and where the pain is. In visiting Awazen Medical Center we will use our up-to-date and precise technology to provide you with the best ways to handle infectious diseases.

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