Well-Baby Checkups

Well-Baby Checkups

Well-Baby Checkups

Well Baby Check-ups

Awazen Medical Center offers newborn well-baby check-ups to help ensure the proper health and growth of your child. Regularly schedule your newborns check-up and build a lasting relationship with your Doctor.

Well-baby exams include measurements of your child, necessary vaccines, and an evaluation of your baby’s development. A thorough head-to-toe physical exam and a detailed assessment of your baby’s motor skills will occur during a well-baby checkup to make sure your child is on track as far as health and development.

The first well-baby exams are usually performed within three to five days after birth, which will turn into every few weeks, and eventually monthly for the first year.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle for your newborn, well-baby check-ups are vital. Consistent check-ups help in the effort to avoid contraction of serious illnesses and ensure child development are in line with what is normal for a newborn child.

Stay on top of your well-baby check-ups by visiting Awazen Medical Center. We can create a check-up schedule that works with your schedule and makes it possible for your newborn to get the best care.

Contact us today for more information about well-baby check-ups, and to schedule your appointment.