Mid face lift

Mid face lift

Mid face lift

Mid Face Lift

Awazen Medical Center provides a variety of mid facelift procedures, perfect to suite your range of needs. The mid-face lift is also commonly known as the cheek lift, which generally is used to elevate the sagging cheek tissue.

Awazen’s mid face plastic surgery has your specific method based on your own specific needs. This process will begin with a consultation with our team of highly ranked surgeons, by evaluating your specific needs and medical history, we will be able to provide you with the best options possible, as well as any risks that may come with the surgery.

Our cheek lift will aim at your nose, eyes, and corners of the mouth; this will result in cheek elevation by adjusting the fat and muscle tissue to smooth out the skin.

The mid-face lift may be conducted through two methods; the first is the traditional method by creating an incision in the lower hairline and the second is done by two endoscopic incisions in the temple, which is used to produce more dramatic results.

Whatever the method used, we will make sure our team of doctors will talk it out with you to sooth any doubts or questions that you may have.

Our procedure would usually take about a week in surgery and recovery time, depending on the technique used, but should result in clear and apparent changes for your cheeks.

If you’re looking for that younger feature and looking to gain your self-confidence back, then contact Awazen Medical center for more information on our mid face lift.